The Primal Method: Phase Three

The Primal Method: Phase Three

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This is Phase Three, the final phase of The Primal Method - Phase Three is a semi-customizable peaking block for powerlifting, with the goal to max out on Squat, Bench, and Deadlift at the end of the 5 week training block. Through a combination of overload techniques, increase in specificity, and a focus on dropping fatigue, I guide you through how to hit PRs on the platform. 

For Competitors: Phase Three is most effective when ran 5 weeks out from a meet. Included with the program is a calendar view of how to organize the program

For Non-Competitors: Simply start the program 5 weeks out from a date you'd like to max out on each lift


-7 Day training split spanning the length of 5 weeks

-Comprehensive Guide to Having Your Best Meet

       -Meet Day Attempt Selection Breakdown

       -Meet Day Warmup Guide

       -Meet Day Mindset Tips and Tricks

-Exclusive video library demonstrating the 80+ exercises included in this program

-Secondary Lift Archive of over 30+ exercises

-Accessory Exercise Database of over 50+ exercises

-Easy to read format and links directly to How To videos on every exercise

 Phase Three includes Reverse Band Work for all 3 lifts. Alternatives are provided in case you cannot do these. If you would like to purchase bands, my recommendations are:   

       -Elite FTS Pro Mini Bands or Pro Light Bands

       -Similar Bands can be found on Amazon (links included with program)


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