The Primal Method: Phase One

The Primal Method: Phase One

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The Primal Method allows you to be your own coach - using a semi-customizable format, I guide you through how to customize the program to best fit your needs. In the secondary lift archive, I breakdown which exercises to choose based on your personal weaknesses. 

The Primal Method is a 9 day training split spanning over the course of 5 weeks.

This is Phase One of the Primal Method - geared towards hypertrophy, building a solid base, increasing work capacity, and strengthening personal weaknesses.

For Competitors: Phase One is most effective when ran ~17 weeks out from a meet  


-9 Day training split spanning the length of 5 weeks

-Exclusive comprehensive video library demonstrating the 110+ exercises included in this program

-Secondary Lift Archive of over 30+ exercises

-Accessory Exercise Database of over 70+ exercises

-Easy to read format and links directly to How To videos on every exercise


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